Plotting the future with aplomb


Want a quick tour of the future? Each year, the Institute for the Future plots the big trends that will define the coming decade on an AT-A-GLANCE graphic map. Scanning the Map is a little like swallowing a time capsule from the future–and getting very smart very fast!

More cool words:

  • The Group Economy: Organizing for sociability
  • Lightweight Infrastructures: Rethinking the movement of goods and services
  • Sensemaking: The new science and technology of meaning
  • Farming the Planet: Ground zero for global turbulence
  • Transformational Geography: The new role of the global south
  • X-People: The intentional evolution of human being

Wow, this site really reminds me of

Who funds these guys? Looks like it is a membership driven privately funded organization.

Who are these guys? The roots were engineers from RAND corporation. Now? A group of researchers with technical degrees, and some technical experience.

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