GPACS: the early days

GPACS is the company‘s accepted software development process. It is a quite like Scrum. More about it at some other time. The point is that I am managing an enhancements to an existing software while also considering re-doing or modifying it for some new requirements. One of the first things I need to plan is to how to get various teams working together. The other thing I need to figure out is to how can the same team work simultaneously on “enhancements” to existing code-base while trying to implement something that has a slightly different set of requirements.
I came across a bunch of articles by Chad Fowler: “The big rewrite”.
And then another article
by someone called Kevin Barnes.

Oh, I was already thinking that a complete rewrite was out of the question because of the risks involved. But I could not have listed down the issues/risks as well as these two articles have.

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