Tesla = Pylons + SQLAlchemy + Elixir

Tesla is a Paster template creating Pylons applications using SQLAlchemy/Elixir ORM. Adds some simple database paster commands. Includes the following features:

  1. Create model classes
  2. Simple database commands (create/drop tables)
  3. Migrations (using SoC migrate library)
  4. Create and run batch scripts
  5. Handles SQLAlchemy setup and session refresh

Now, will Tesla/Elixir allow me to have composite primary keys of my choosing? Can I have, for most models, an Elixir definition, and for some, a more flexible SQLAlchemy mapper? How?

The reason I’d like to do that is: ActiveRecord does a poor job of structuring database tables for performance

What a bunch of libraries! Sometimes you wonder if plain PHP with embedded SQL isn’t better after all. No, no, that was heresy…

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