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I have a Starhub MaxOnline Premium connection. Ostensible it provides a download speed of upto 30Mbps. I am happy to pay the extra price for the increased bandwidth. But am I getting more bandwidth for muy money? How much more?

Last night, when I needed to quickly download something, though, it felt very slow. Was it the site I was downloading from? Or was it starhub? I connected to and foudn that my download speed was below 2Mbps! I did the test after bypassing my home router, of course. The download site could be slow. might be slow. Or starhub could be slow (just for a little while)

I did the test again morning and here is what I got:

Hmm.. not much improvement. Where’s my 30Mbps, pal?

I am thinking of doing the test several times over the course of the week, and see whether I am really getting my money’s worth. I will downgrade to a slower link and see what that gives me, as well, if the bandwidth does not improve soon. By the way, anyone know someone at Starhub who can give a firm answer about what “upto 30Mbps
download speed” really means in practice?

The FCC in the US does not think it means anything:
Recently, there was a story about American ISPs exaggerating their connection speeds. The FCC plans to do it own verification of these claims, and introduce a new labeling format for connection speeds that might be closer to reality and also tell consumers more accurately what kind of speed they will see in practice. Perhaps Singapore’s IDA could some the same?

2010-09-10 16:30 SGT

2.96 Mbps:

2010-09-11 00:25 SGT

Much higher download speed of 10Mbps from server in Cyberjaya, Malaysia:

2010-09-17 01:40am

Repeating the same test from my desktop, connected via 1Gbps ethernet to the router:

Singapore: 16Mbps

CyberJaya: 15Mbps

2010-09-17 23:16

Singapore: 1.84Mbps

CyberJaya: 5.8Mbps

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  • gl  On April 14, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    hi pal. i have d same issues n hv launched a complaint. its real sucks

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