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HTML5 and Mobile: any real applications

HTML5 is getting pretty capable, especially with extensions on mobile that give it the ability to access mobile device functionality. The question is: is this all academic/niche or are there some real apps out there using it? How do HTML5 apps stack up against native apps?


Airtel triggers Search on SMS Screen

My company is in the news!

Airtel triggers Search on SMS Screen.

Airtel Partners with Affle to provide SMS-based search services

Syncing Nokia N95 with a Linux desktop

Finally found a blog that indicates that you can use an N95 like a business pda without being shackled to a Windows machine: http://davehall.com.au/blog/dave/2007/11/18/my-new-toy-nokia-n95

I am giving it a spin. Will see how it works out.

Linux and Mobile

The Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, is developing and releasing the Android mobile OS.

But Android is not the only open mobile OS in town. Another noteworthy player is the LiMo foundation. Its mission is to produce an open, Linux based software platform for mobile devices. LiMo has been around longer and there are already LiMo devices in the market.

There are other efforts towards putting Linux on mobile devices:

  • Motorola has a Linux-Java based platform called MOTOMAGX. It is not an open polatform, AFAIK. Also, Motorola’s mobile division’s future is uncertain rigt now.
  • Openmoko is trying to create both a software platform and hardware; they release the design to the hardware as well.
  • Ubuntu Mobile
  • .

Nokia recently joined LiMo. Does this mean a Googls vs Nokia fight in the mobile OS arean? Not to mention, Symbian OS and Windows Mobile are the current dominant players and already have application developer mindshare.

The Pondering Primate: Mobile Coupons

The Pondering Primate: Mobile Coupons